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Map of the premises


KK Company logistics park


Matušková 49, Vlkanová


Free units

Occupied units

An immense advantage of this logistics park, especially for the companies with the geographical scope of the entire Slovak republic, is its location in the centre of Slovakia.

In 1996, the KK Company bought an old industrial park in the village of Vlkanová, situated only 7 km from Banská Bystrica. Over the past 20 years we have rebuilt these premises into a logistics park and have offered a strategic long-term partnership to several companies.

Free warehouse units

Hall A

  • Area: 100m², compact space with one-gate entrance and a small changing room,

Hall F

  • Area: 700m² warehouse or production space,
  • Area: 300m² administrative area with utility rooms,
  • Building dimensions: 19x56m, 9,5m high,
  • Heating: gas heating,
  • Facilities: 5t crane, 3 cargo entrances, 2 entrances for personnel, utility rooms,
  • Flooring: mastic asphalt

Free office units

Building A

  • Area: 100m² of office space,
  • Area: 40m² shared premises (toilets, kitchenette, corridor),
  • Floor: 2nd floor


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